Wednesday 6/10/2020 – By Mary Jane

As part of my duties as the permit coordinator, I visit many public buildings almost everyday.  Opening doors, touching pens, documents, pushing elevator buttons, parking meters, etc.  Never once did I ponder how many fingers/hands have touched the same things I was touching until the pandemic.  Who knows how many times I’ve touched my face during the course of the day without realizing it. Yikes!! I certainly do now! I now grab the door handles at the bottom (no at the usual height where someone would instinctively grab),I use the automatic door openers where available, I use my elbow to push the elevator buttons and carry my own pen everywhere I go.  My hands are dry and rough from the hundreds of times I sanitize from my comings and goings.  I’ve learned to be conscious of those hundreds/thousands of germs that are out there just waiting to be passed on to some innocent person who was just opening the door.  Perhaps now everyone will be more aware and show more of an effort to at least lessen the spread of germs by just being aware. I’m doing my part, for sure!