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Our skilled Bayville plumbers can handle everything from new installations to water heaters to toilet problems.

Chap Mechanical is your local Bayville residential service plumbing company offering a a complete line of gas pipe, and water treatment services.

Come to the qualified master plumbers at Chap Mechanical when you have plumbing problems. When we’re through, your plumbing system will work perfectly. If you have a little problem or are organizing a bigger plumbing project, our professionals finish the job quickly and safely.

Call us for all your plumbing needs and schedule immediate service in Bayville or the surrounding area.

Plumbing and Water Based Heating Contractors

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Depend on Chap Mechanical for bathroom and kitchen remodeling, water heater, gas piping, and more for residential and commercial spaces. We’re licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind! Call us today for a FREE estimate! All our work is guaranteed! Plumbing services from our state licensed master plumbers include:

Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Concerns with your water heater? We guarantee you will always have hot water whether we fix or replace it. For these vital appliances to operate at their best and last the longest, our staff makes sure they are properly sized, installed, and maintained. Functionality, water efficiency, and following local building codes are our first priority.

Our specialties include tankless and conventional water heaters. If you aren’t getting the hot water you need, or if you see discoloration or bad smells in your hot water, call us right away. We will guide you to the core of the issue and offer you the most economical fix.

Sewer & Water Line Repair & Replacement

Water and sewer line installation and repair are areas where our crew shines. For these parts to last a long time, Chap Mechanical provides durability, leak prevention, and makes following industry standards a top priority.

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Need to replace your gas pipe system or repair a leak? We can handle any gas line need you have with our certified natural gas plumbers. Repairs, replacements, and installations of gas lines are all things we can do for you and your family.

Sinks & Faucet Repair & Replacements

Our staff can handle any kind of faucet repair or replacement, including leaking faucets and current design upgrades. We guarantee effective and drip-free outcomes.

Installations of sinks and faucets as well as sink and faucet repairs and replacements are provided by our plumbers at Chap Mechanical. Antiquated or leaky faucets can be wasteful and inconvenient. It’s time for an upgrade with Chap.

Toilet Installation & Repair

Our services include everything from repairing leaks to putting in brand-new, water-efficient toilets. One of our most basic plumbing services includes toilet installation and maintenance. For dependable and long-lasting solutions, we promise to deliver improved water efficiency, appropriate flushing systems, and prioritize plumbing code compliance. Through fast resolution of toilet problems, we guarantee the best possible performance from your bathroom. Our services include full replacements when needed and repairs to address typical issues using contemporary, water-efficient solutions.

Repairing Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can easily turn from slightly annoying to something that can eventually do serious harm. Our specialists find and repair leaks fast to stop expensive water damage and mold growth.

Remodeling Bathrooms & Kitchens

Chap Mechanical is an important part of Chap Construction remodeling and renovation projects. We enhance the look and feel of your kitchen to perfectly suit your unique needs and style. Turn all of your plumbing issues over to our knowledgeable staff. Call to arrange for quick plumbing services in Bayville, New Jersey.

We install new piping for kitchen remodels of your home or any project, big or small! Chap Mechanical is a local, family-owned business serving Toms River and the surrounding communities since 1972.

Doing a professional renovation of your bathroom soon? We handle all your bathroom remodeling needs including: re-piping, toilet and shower installs, faucet and sink replacements, and more.

Why Work With Our NJ Plumbers?

Fast Service
We won’t keep you waiting all day. Work with us and you can count on prompt turnarounds and on-time arrivals.

Individualized Care
Our professionals will spend some time to listen to your needs and provide you with options that fit your budget and objectives.

Easily Scheduled
Fixing plumbing issues usually needs to be done right away. Get the quick service you want when it’s most convenient for you.

Why Hire A Master Plumber?

A licensed master plumber has the highest level of experience and expertise, training, and advanced skills. So hiring a master plumber, instead of an unlicensed plumber or handyman, has advantages.

Along with passing a licensing exam, becoming a master plumber usually calls for a minimum of seven years of experience. While some plumbers complete apprenticeship programs, most obtain their education either at technical schools or through on-the-job training. Plumbers who have completed the required training become journeymen plumbers. After a number of more years in the industry, journeymen can advance to become master plumbers.

Boiler and hot water heaters from our new construction build in Island Heights, New Jersey

Master plumbers follow all necessary guidelines and regulations. They are familiar with local codes and will make sure that all repairs or installations comply with those codes. If you work with a non-licensed handyman or plumber, you run the danger of having to do further repairs down the road if something is done wrong or not up to code. Such repairs can get expensive and take longer to do. A benefit of master plumbers working for a respectable organization is that homeowners are protected by their insurance and at Chap we provide a three year workmanship guarantee.

Master plumbers also supervise the job and oversee the work of apprentices and journeymen, and they give approval after the final inspection.

You should not undervalue the plumbing in your house. If you need a basic repair or a complete new plumbing system, make sure you work with a qualified, experienced plumber like Chap Mechanical.

We Offer Plumbing Maintenance Plans for NJ Homeowners

Leaky water lines and blocked toilets are the last things a busy homeowner should have to worry about. The best defense against unforeseen plumbing issues is to get your system checked by Chap Mechanical, your neighborhood Bayville plumber, at least once a year.

For proactive home owners, we provide yearly plumbing maintenance programs. Along with tuning up your water heater and drain flow testing, this service plan covers checking for leaks in your pipes and fixtures.

Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing maintenance plans and to sign up for annual service.

Hire A Professional Plumber or DIY?

You probably made do-it-yourself repairs in the past if you own a house, and you will think about doing it again when repairs are needed. Thousands of blogs and tutorials on the Internet have made do-it-yourself plumbing easier than ever. All jobs, meanwhile, are not doable on your own. A job could be too large for one person or you might not have the time or expertise to finish it. Knowing when to get your hands filthy and when to call in a plumber is important.

Plumbers bill either by the hour or by the project, and labor is frequently the largest outlay—not materials. This is why every job is unique and the price will vary from one project to another. For instance, buying and replacing the whole fixture will cost more than just changing the gasket in a faucet. When you know what you’re doing, doing the job yourself will typically save you money. But occasionally fixing errors involves money and time. Getting a plumber may be your best bet if you’re not sure how to do the work.

Plumbers have training and experience to ensure that the job is done correctly. We know the local codes, obtain permits and get inspections as needed to protect you and your home. We have the proper tools for each task and are well equipped to handle any plumbing problem.

We recommend calling us at Chap Mechanical for all types of plumbing repair needs—big and small.

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