Generac Generators Installation, Repair and Maintenance in New Jersey

From left to right: Drew Laing – Master Plumber / Owner, RJ Laing – HVAC Tech / Owner, Lester Schott – Licensed HVAC Tech / Owner / Owner, Chris Kluxen – Electrician

Why invest in a whole home backup generator? 

You don’t want to deal with power outages in your New Jersey home or business. A Generac whole-home generator installed by a Generac-certified dealer, protects your investment, your appliances, and your home during a power outage.

Automatic home backup protection is provided by a permanently placed Generac generator. Like a central air conditioning HVAC unit, it is placed outside your home and runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP). A home backup generator backs up your whole house or simply the most important appliances by providing power straight to your electrical system.

Generac created the original home backup generators and  most homeowners who make an investment in home backup power choose Generac.

Generac Certified Dealer Certification

Generac-certified electricians have a commitment to quality that involves that specialized training and experience at selling, installing, servicing, and maintaining Generac generators. 

Chap Construction has invested time and money into helping each team member to become Generac experts. Our team members are extensively trained and recertified annually.

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Why Choose a Generac Certified Dealer?


Read customer reviews and testimonials to find out the dealer’s reputation. You can find these online and check to see if they are listed on the Generac’s Dealer Locator website. A reputable Generac-certified dealer will have a track record of satisfied customers and a positive reputation in your local community.


Your dealer will assess your specific needs, recommend the right generator size, and explain the features and benefits of Generac products. Transparent, professional guidance is essential for making an informed decision. Chap Construction will pair you with a Generac product that’s truly best for you.


Maintenance plans and services are available to extend the life of your generator. 

It is important to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule on your generator. Just like with a car or lawn mower, failure to complete regular maintenance can void your warranty. Proper maintenance ensures your unit works properly and will give you peace of mind knowing it will work when it’s supposed to. You’ll be protecting your investment by having a Generac® Certified maintenance technician service your unit.

Select a dealer with a dedicated service department capable of regular maintenance, repairs, and emergency support.  Factory authorized service work is expertly provided by our Chap Construction team. Generac generators, as with any generator from any manufacturer, is a product that requires maintenance and attention. You need a tech that is hands-on with them every day that can fix them quickly, not working on 2 or 3 a year.

Inquire about service contracts and post-purchase support to ensure your investment remains reliable.

Avoid Installation By Home Improvement Retail Stores and Unqualified Electricians

Though they are all skilled at what they do, not all electricians are qualified to install generators.

These installers are not trained in Generac products or generator specifications which can results in below average service. Their knowledge will be restricted, and they won’t have consistently positive reviews specific to installing and servicing this type of specialized equipment. Your questions about the particulars of the Generac whole-home generator would most likely prompt them to send you to the Generac website.

Inexperienced installers often operate under an emphasis on volume above quality which results in poor installations and potential problems. Installers from home improvement retail stores don’t provide specialized upkeep and care for your generator.

Chap Construction prioritizes customer service and personalized support. Unqualified electricians leave homeowners to handle installation and maintenance issues themselves, rather than provide the post-purchase assistance we guarantee.

Generac Certification is required for maintaining manufacturer’s warrantees

Don’t risk voiding parts of the warranty! In the event of generator malfunctions or if your equipment fails, you’ll be responsible for costly repairs and replacements that otherwise would have been covered by Generac’s warranty if installation or service is performed by a company or individual who is not Generac certified.

Beyond that, specific knowledge and expertise is needed to install generators correctly and safely. Without it you open your home to electrical risks, ineffective operation, and property damage.

When your power goes out, you want to be able to rely on your Generac whole-home generator. Don’t take a chance on an installation that leaves your generator inoperable. Poor installation compromises the life and performance of the generator, and raises the chances of experiencing problems during blackouts.

Chap Construction is a certified Generac dealer

Get a trustworthy power source for your house from a vendor who is approved by Generac. We’ve trained extensively and are dedicated to customer’s satisfaction.
Select a reliable dealer who is Generac-certified and know that your backup power investment will be repaid with the best quality service and attentive support.

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