Tuesday 5/26 By Lester

Preventative maintenance. So do I need to have my furnace/boiler  maintained? Yes, some furnaces and boilers require little maintenance and some require a bit more. Standard efficiency equipment requires a little bit of prevention where as higher efficiency systems require a bit more. All forced air systems will require periodic filter replacements or cleanings, of course every home is different so filter life will vary depending on your home. Boilers and high efficiency water heaters require annual inspections and preventive maintenance as well. Checking for those small leaks and drips that can damage boiler components. Cleaning of the burner compartments and sensors go a long way to extend the life of your equipment and prevent failures.  Air conditioning systems should be checked annually as well. A clean filter and coils will not only prevent costly breakdowns but will increase the efficiency and save you money. Air conditioning drain cleaning is absolutely imperative every year to prevent costly water damage that’s 100% preventable. As a technician with many years of experience I have seen numerous times the damage that an overflowing air conditioning drain can cause or the strain put on your system from dirty coils and filters.  An assessment from a licensed professional  will be the best way to know exactly what your home requires.