Monday 5/25/2020

Happy Memorial Day!!!

This is a day to remember all of those that gave their lives so we can be free. We are humbled by their service and sacrifice. In these difficult times please remember that every man, woman and animal that gave their life defending our country did so, so you :

Can practice whatever religion you want, speak your mind, assemble and be heard

Can keep and bear arms

Are not forced to have soldiers live in your home in time of peace

Can not  be subject to unreasonable search and seizures

Have your right to due process, you are not forced to self incriminate or be charged with the same crime twice

Have the right to a speedy and public trial

Have the right to a trial by jury in civil cases

Are free from excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment

Retain rights absent specific enumeration

Any power not specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution belongs to the States and the people

Rest in Peace and THANK YOU!