Tuesday 5/19/2020 By Ashley


Among some of the most stressful times of our lives, moving ranks near the top. There are so many reasons we move – upgrade our living situation, a new job, traumatic event – whatever the reason, even if it’s a happy one, moving is an arduous process that cannot be taken lightly. So, why is moving so stressful? While the resources of how to stay organized and make moving as simple as possible are out there, putting those practices to work is another story entirely. Something that affects us all while moving is our emotions; moving out of your parents house, moving out of your first apartment, moving out of your first home, these changes bring up good and bad feelings and memories, and not only are you faced with your own emotions but often the people around you.

First, you start to feel the denial of moving. Packing seems endless! Dreading having to decide what to keep and what to throw away, finding memories and getting distracted. It’s a huge hurdle in the moving process and once its all in boxes, then you have to move it. That’s when the anger sets in. Why do I have so much stuff? Do I even use this? Where did that thing from 7 years ago go to? Lugging all those boxes into your new home makes your muscles burn! Forget about finding your charger before bed. Then comes the bargaining, if you could just find your phone charger it will all be OK, you will be OK. Please, I just need to find a wine glass! Next up, depression. There are just too many boxes to unpack, where does any of this even go? Can we just put some of these boxes in the attic and forget they exist? Finally you get to acceptance. OK, so I can’t find the shower curtain, or the spatula, or the plunger…. OK forget it – Let’s go to Target! Because you just need to accept the fact that there are some things you just cant find.