Monday 5/18/2020 By Lester

Thankful everyday when I wake up and have a job to go to. Thankful for all of Chap’s  customers that trust us in their homes and call us back again for future jobs. Thankful for a boss that I don’t dread having to deal with every day. Thankful for a great group of guys I get to work with on every job we do. But most importantly, I am thankful for our office staff because without them nothing gets done. Nothing gets scheduled or ordered. From the little things we take for granted like gloves, markers, or any small necessities to the big things like materials and supplies we need to get the job done. Right from the first time the customer calls they get to interact with our office . Scheduling, selections, permits, prints and many more. Even after the job is complete the office staff will still be there to help keep things moving or finalize the last details.
From filling our schedules when the season has us slowed down to keeping it neat and organized when things are crazy busy I know we can all count on them no matter what comes our way.