Top Interior Design Trends for Home Renovations

By Alyssa

It is no secret that this year has been…different…so why would interior design trends stay the same? There are a few emerging trends for home décor.

Statement Ceilings Take Center Stage

Statement ceilings have been popular for years but the 2020s is going beyond just tray ceilings, crown molding and paint. Ceilings are taking center stage adding more options for trim and molding as well as wallpapered ceilings and even fabric tented ceilings.

Natural Textures Make a Comeback

Natural textures are making a big comeback. Cane, rattan, natural wood, and bamboo have been popular for years but they’re getting an upgrade lately. They pop up in more structural applications like chests, dressers, accent tables, light fixtures and more. Ribbed, channeled, and tufted upholstery surface treatments are also increasing in popularity this year, offering a natural shape and texture to furniture.

Unique Lighting Fixtures Steal the Show

Unique lighting fixtures are taking the limelight in 2020. Sculptural fixtures that mix stone and metal for a more industrial look are growing more popular. Geometric designs and designs with colored glass are also climbing the popularity ladder.

Blending Traditional and Contemporary Styles

Blending traditional and contemporary designs is also growing more and more popular. Modern Farmhouse, and French Country are just two of the growing “traditional with a twist” trends. This type of layering old and new will continue to grow, especially with its versatile approach that allows you to transition or refresh your current décor without having to completely overhaul it.

Bold Colors Make a Statement

Bold colors are big recently. Bold monochromatic, classic black and white in rooms, and dark painted doors are a way to show off both personality and elegance. They can also add warmth to a space.

Even if these trends aren’t for you, looking at current design trends can help you decide what you do want in your home.

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