Wednesday 5/6/2020 By Ashley

Big Box vs. Boutiques for Home Renovations

There are many of us who love to support small and local businesses whenever we can, but sometimes it’s not the easiest option. When renovating our homes, deciding where to get our supplies from is a big decision. While the big box stores, Home Depot, Lowes, etc., are convenient and often we can get everything in one place, the selection isn’t always the best. The specialty stores also offer knowledge that the big box stores can’t always compete with. When all you do is tile, you tend to know more about it and can recognize different quality standards that may be missed by the big box retailers. Knowing suppliers and having a relationship with customers is something that is missing from big box stores and may affect the results of your home renovations. These skilled specialists can help you make better decisions when selecting the materials that you are using.

A myth that follows these specialty boutiques is that they are more costly than going to a big box store. This of course isn’t always the case, you can find expensive materials in both a big box store and a boutique, but I always like to keep in mind the saying, “You get what you pay for.” A lot of us don’t know what we need or what we are looking at so getting that extra help from a specialist is important and having the wider selection can allow for any budget. Seeking the help of a general contractor is always advised when making changes to your home that may affect the structure, integrity, electrical, or value of your home. Having a plan and knowing what you’re looking for is half the battle, when you have the help of an expert that process can be smoother.