Tuesday 6/30/2020 By Alyssa

You’ve made sure the new home is dog friendly and comfortable for your four legged best friend, but how do you make sure your dog is comfortable with the new home?  Just like humans, dogs get stressed during a move too, especially if they are older. There are things you can do before, during and after your move to make the transition from old to new less stressful for Fido.

Before you move, prepare your dog for the trip. Think about getting your dog micro chipped if they aren’t already, in the event they try to “return home,” and update their dog tag with your new home address. If you’ll be using a crate at the new house and don’t use one currently, think about starting that process prior to the move. Think about the last time you went on vacation. You probably noticed your dog getting nervous. Now think about how nervous they’ll feel when the whole house is being packed up! Experts suggest conditioning them by having a few boxes and suitcases out ahead of time, so they don’t associate those objects with you leaving. Compare the way you and your dog live now to the way they will need to live in the new home and if anything is going to chance. Fenced in backyard to no backyard, lots of room to lounge around to not wanting them on the new furniture, think about starting those rules prior to the move. If you are not moving far, consider taking them for a few walks around the new neighborhood. This way they can get used to the new outside environment a bit ahead of time and not have to adjust to so many things at once.
On moving day, make sure you have everything you need. Records, a current photo, and microchip numbers are good to have on hand in case the worst happens in the hustle and bustle of moving things in and out. Bring a few things that smell like home. You may want to clean everything and start fresh but a blanket or two that smell like home can be very comforting to your dog in their new environment.
It will take some time for your dog to adjust to their new environment but you can help to ease the transition and in time they will adjust. As long as you are there and showing them lots of love, they will be happy.