Tuesday 6/2/2020 – By Anthony

Landscaping is a large part of the finish look to your new home or addition once construction is completed.  Some homeowners and builders do not plan for this work accurately during the budget and design phases. This can cause issues when trying to stick to a budget.  There is information that your design professional will need to obtain from the local building department.  Lot coverage and setbacks of the property need to be taken into consideration when designing the perfect outdoor space. This may determine whether you can have that paver driveway or deck you having been dreaming of or not!

A landscape architect with an experienced landscaping contractor can make your home look just as stunning outside as it will inside.  Be sure to take your time and do you due diligence when selecting a landscape architect and landscaper.  Ask for references and call them.  Go see completed projects as well as projects that are in process.  It’s best to ask for everything you are imagining  up front. Then consider different materials and possibilities to get your project within budget.