Monday 4/20/2020 – By Ashley

How do I even begin?

While starting to think about your dream home or things you want to change in your current home, the most important thing to do is not get overwhelmed. Break everything into steps and make sure you don’t skip anything to avoid missing something important and having a stressful experience. While some stress is unavoidable considering that building a new home or renovations are large scale events in one’s life, keeping on a schedule will help reduce the emotional and physical weight.

Here are our top 3 biggest things to focus on when beginning your project:

  1. Must-haves – Make a list of your goals and things you don’t want to compromise on. Have an idea of what you want, what you don’t, and what you can’t live without.
  2. Your Team – It’s important to know when you need help and have people around you that you can trust to steer you in the right direction. Especially when working on a large-scale project you should consider hiring professionals to help along the way. Don’t settle for just anyone, make sure you find the perfect people such as an architect, contractor, interior designer, landscaper, and possibly an attorney.
  3. Budget – No one likes to talk about money, but its important to know where you want to be on your project. Understanding what the actual cost of your project will definitely take some research, but it definitely not something that should be skipped when deciding all the important questions of your project.

Building a new home, renovations, or even smaller projects are all very exciting and gives us all a sense of pride in ownership. Avoiding the stress of it all is key and keeping your eyes on the end product will help pull you through the process. Happy dreaming!