Friday 5/1/2020 By MaryJane

Navigating through the construction permit process can be a very daunting task. Chap Construction is fortunate to have a former retired government employee with over 30 years experience in the construction permit department on staff to navigate that process for you.

The permit process, depending on the construction type has many different facets. Zoning requirements would be the first step in the process to make sure your project meets setbacks, lot coverage, height restrictions and other ordinance restrictions enforced by each municipality.

The next step is Engineering requirements. Engineering looks at drainage, curbing, driveways, etc. which are associated with your project. In some cases approval from the Soil Conservation District is also required which is for vegetation, grading and the like. There may or may not be requirements or fees for Mount Laurel compliance.

After these prior approvals, the permit process continues into the actual construction department for review which includes building, plumbing, mechanical, electric and fire review. It can take months to secure a permit, even on what may seem to be the most simple permit, so having an expert on staff assures that the permit for your project will be secured at a much faster pace.