Friday 4/24/2020 By Barbara

How has Covid -19 affected Chap Construction? It has been a difficult normal to navigate. Do not get me wrong, we know we are lucky that we are still working and completing current projects, but every day becomes more difficult. Our business thrives on people calling us to complete their addition. lift, renovation, or new home. While doing all that we also perform service calls for HVAC, electrical work, plumbing and carpentry. Our team enjoys the people we work for and creating or fixing any and everything. What do we do when the phones stop ringing?

First, we have to recognize how lucky we have been for all of the wonderful people that referred us to a family member or friend, that then referred us and so on. We have been busy based on word of mouth for years. For that we are profoundly grateful. We are confident that when things are safe to resume business as usual, we will again be extremely busy. We know you are all sheltering in place and looking at things in your home that you want to do. Just know that we will be ready for you!!

We have gotten the whole company involved in our blog posts so be on the lookout for some great information and feel free to ask questions or reach out to your favorite technician/staff member through their blog posts.

We are still scheduling “meetings” for new work. There are several ways this can happen. Randy can physically come to the house to assess exterior work for an occupied home or exterior and interior work for vacant/summer homes. A virtual meeting can be set up and you can “walk” Randy through your occupied home to discuss renovations. We can also set up a phone conference.

It’s important to understand that the restrictions currently in place make is difficult for us to get permits, inspections, and some materials. There are restrictions as to how many workers we can have at a job site. All of this is understandable, and we recognize the importance of all of these measures. Our guys have masks and hand sanitizer and we are following all CDC guidelines in and out of the office.

Like all of you, we are hoping that this is over sooner rather than later. Our team is doing some spring cleaning and getting ready to serve you better than ever before. If you want to plan ahead, please give us a call so we can get you on our post pandemic schedule!

Stay healthy!!