House Raising Services

In recent years, the Jersey Shore area has been subjected to extremely damaging and dangerous weather resulting in several homes being ruined beyond repair. If you have a ground level home, add a new layer of protection by enlisting Chap to raise your home and install helical pilings, extend existing foundation or demolish existing and construct a completely new foundation.

Boost your home’s safety from catastrophic damage

Chap works in-conjunction with a licensed contractor to raise your house and will then adjust the existing foundation directly beneath it. Protect your property and your family and ensure your home is better able to withstand natural disasters.

Foundations can be implemented on any surface

Whether you have an existing foundation that isn’t quite high enough or need a brand new installation, Chap can build on:

  • Crawl spaces
  • Slabs
  • Foundations (if currently too low)

Chap also utilizes house raising techniques for entire floor additions when renovating or remodeling.

Has your raised home foundation been damaged?

From cracks and disjointing to uneven flooring and new flood zone requirements, Chap can help.

Whether your foundation needs a repair or an update to meet new protection guidelines, trust the team with over 43 years in business to ensure your home is safe.