Nostalgic Musings and Remembering Life Before Modern Technology

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Computer issues.

So I missed a blog post for yesterday and today is very late. You never realize how much you rely on your technology until you are without it. Luckily we have a great IT team and they have been working diligently to get us back on track.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to take our modern conveniences for granted. But what happens when technology fails us? Join me as I reflect on the simpler times before the digital age and share a nostalgic journey back to a time when life was a bit more analog.

Let’s take a minute and remember what it was like before we had all of the modern conveniences. How about a list of things we used to do that we don’t need to do anymore and would hate to go back to.

  1. Remember things – there was a time when you had to just flat our remember. Maybe you had a little notepad that you wrote things on and reviewed a couple times a day. You always had a pen and a piece of paper on you because you knew you would need it.
  2. Memorize phone numbers – I knew the phone number of every one of my friends and contacts. Probably still remember some of them today.
  3. Always had a copy of the white pages and yellow pages. That phone book used to be classified as a weapon it was so big and heavy.
  4. I had lots of pictures in show boxes. I loved taking pictures and ways had a camera with me. Took me a bit to get that film roll onto the catch before I closed the back cover but once i got it and heard that noise that says the roll engaged I was ready to go. Then I waited a week to get the pictures back.
  5. Using a typewriter – It was great until you made a mistake and had to back space and put the “correction” paper in there and type the same mistake over the original to make is disappear.  Lots of work, so becoming an accurate typist was a necessity.
  6. I can read a map. There was always a road trip with someone holding the map and telling the driver which roads to take. When you took potty breaks, you spent half the time analyzing the map and which roads to take.
  7. I can add, subtract, divide and multiply in my head!
  8. My phone always had a cord. If I wanted to talk to my friend I would stretch if from the kitchen to my room and close the door. I’m sure people got clothes lined if they walked down the hall and didn’t see it.
  9. Mopeds were huge
  10. I shopped from a mail order catalog. JC Penny’s  sent out a HUGE one.
  11. I had a beeper and knew all of silly codes to put in to make the numbers spell words
  12. I used a pay phone and made collect calls from school to my mom when I needed to be picked up. She would answer the phone and the operator (yes a live person) would ask if she accepted the collect call. She would “No” and then head to the school to get me.
  13. I have had a car that played cassette tapes and 8-track.
  14. The video games we played were little triangles that shot little lines at large blob like things. It was called Asteroids
  15. I had a TV that you had to play with the antenna to get better reception, and even that was fuzzy.
  16. I had actual conversations with my friends. If I needed to talk to them, I had to call.
  17.  There was a time where the ONLY place you could see a movie was at a movie theater.
  18. We used to sit at the radio listening for our favorite song so you could hit record on the tape recorder. That was how you made a mix tape.
  19. We rode our bikes everywhere. The street lights were our alarm to get home.
  20. If we had to go somewhere in a car and there were 4 or 5 kids in the car it was LOUD. We talked and laughed with each other, out loud.

As we navigate the challenges of modern-day technology, let’s take a moment to appreciate the simplicity and charm of days gone by. From handwritten notes to mixtapes and bike rides with friends, there’s a certain magic in the memories of a time before smartphones and social media.

Next time you find yourself frustrated with computer issues or overwhelmed by the constant buzz of notifications, take a step back and embrace the nostalgia of a simpler time. After all, sometimes the best moments are the ones unplugged from technology.